Skrooge: Forecast report

I’m trying to better manage my personal finances and for that I spend some time looking at accounting software that offer a good forecasting report. Understand how to get the report from Skrooge wasn’t very easy so I’m going to write how I could get it.


Skrooge support different accounts so you need to create one. Just fill the information on the form and the “Add” button will be enabled.

Skrooge Account screenshot


Operations are connected to one and only one account. Just fill the information in the form and the “Add” button will be enabled.

Skrooge Operations screenshot

Scheduled Operations

Scheduled operations need to be created from operations. Right click in one operation and a option to create a scheduled operation will be available. Scheduled operations can be view on their own tab. Remember to configure the scheduled operation accordingly.

Skrooge Scheduled screenshot


Skrooge offer many options for the report. For the one that I was looking, I need to select

  • Mode: Cumulated sum of operations
  • Current: year(s)
  • including future: enabled
  • Forecast: Scheduled
  • Forecast slice: more than one

The result is below.

Skrooge Visualisation screenshot


I’m quite happy with the visualisation. I will probably stay with Skrooge for a little while.

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