GUADEC 2017: Ecosystem

Today is the thirday and last day of GUADEC 2017 as a conference. There will be more three day as a unconference.

On the previous two days, I learned how much a integrated ecosystem of software application can make the user experience more pleasured and, for the case of first time users, more friendly. Unfortunately, have the completely ecosystem is hard to implement and keep consistence between the softwares is even more difficult.

For example, Evolution Data Server allows that different Gnome software access the same information and improve the user experience. Unfortunately, now that most users need email and chat on different devices, e.g. home desktop, working laptop, mobile phone, tablet, …, the use of Google products is much more attractive than the alternatives.

I still considering if I will get my hands durt with Lisp, when hacking Gnus, or Vala, when hacking Evolution. Wait the next episodes.

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