Teaching Library Carpentry at the University of the Western Cape

Thanks to the financial support of South African Centre for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR) and University of the Western Cape (UWC) Library Services, Rooweither Mabuya, Oghenere Salubi and I were able to teach a Library Carpentry workshop on 3-4 September at UWC.

The workshop was hosted at the University Main Library and had 16 learners, most from information science.

On the first day, Rooweither taught an introduction to data and regular expressions. The cheatsheet print out of regular expressions that Rooweither provided to the learners was very helpful during the exercises. In the afternoon, I taught an introduction to Bash. Given time constraints, I was able to cover only until for-loops and didn’t explore how to find data within files that is one of the applications of regular expressions.

The second day started with me teaching Git and GitHub. The Library Carpentry lesson has a section about GitHub Pages but many learners had problems with that section mainly due GitHub not provide a log of the error when building the page and, sometimes, GitHub be slow to update the website after a new commit. Also, some learners didn’t receive the email with the link to confirm their account creation request. After lunch, Oghenere led the lesson about OpenRefine and I learnt two new things (the difference of rows and records and General Refine Expression Language (GREL)).

The overwall feedback from learners was very positive and I hope this workshop contribute to share of knowledge regarding best data practice among researchers based at the University of the Western Cape and their collaborators.

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