Burn Out

Bjarni Rúnar wrote a blog post on mailpile about burn out. Bjarni said

I care deeply about this project, but it really is too big for one person and I haven’t successfully built a team to support me. That’s not to discount the contributions and efforts of our community, but at the end of the day I’ve been the one responsible for keeping the ball rolling. I review the pull requests, I respond to issues, I file the tax returns, I try to spend your donations wisely… and I write most of the code. Doing this well is a lot of work!

This responsibility, combined with frustration over how slow progress has been, has really worn me down. When I’m feeling down, I’m not very productive, leading to a vicious cycle of feeling bad about a the lack of progress and then becoming incapable of making progress as a result.

It’s not good.

It took me a while to realize what was going on, to realize I was burned out.

I wish all the best to Bjarni and mailpile. In the last year, I saw more people writing about burn out and because of it I’m a little bit worry about the health of open source communities. If you want to contribute to the conversation about help people before the burn out, join Sustain’s Discourse.

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