101 Screts For Your Twenties: Loneliness

Continue with my notes of Paul Angone’s “101 Secrets For Your Twenties”, another cluster of secrets is about when “you’re in a very intense season or place of questioning”. Paul wrote

But don’t allow loneliness to become isolation.

Don’t pull your head inside your shell thinking only you can protect yourself. Don’t got on a dangerous Great Alaskan Adventurure to live off the land all by yourself. That’s not a search for life, that’s suicide.

We need to know, and to be known.

Invite a friend or two over for dinner. Talk, laugh once or twice—even if it’s forced, and before the meal is over you might just notice your friends are chewing on the same questions you are. And at that moment of honest conversation, you will see light in the dark and dusty corners.

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