101 Secrets For Your Twenties

My best friend Renato recommended me to read Paul Angone’s “101 Secrets For Your Twenties”. The books is, to say the least, very interesting and I read half of it before go to sleep and the other half waiting to board my flight the day after. It covers a variety of topics without clustering them together which helps with the flow of the reading. I bookmarked some of the secrets and I will share it by clustering them together.

A good number of secrets are related with friendship. The first one is that “making and keeping friendships in your 20s is harder than G.I. Joe’s abs.” This is

Because you move. Get married. Have kids. Or work a 60-hours a week job. (…) because you don’t have the same shared experiences anymore.

Paul advises on the book that

We need to get involved. In something. An ultimate Frisbee team, community service, young mom’s support group, polar bears club, Hipster-Training—whatever you find appealing.

And my recommendation is for you give a chance to climb.

Paul’s last secret about friendship is to use the phone to answer or call your friends “because a conversation with a friend does more to spark your creativity and enthusiasm than five Red-Bulls.”

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