Principles app

Ray Dalio, in Principles, mentions a couple of apps used at Bridgewater:

  • Coach: a library of common situations which are linked to the relevant principles to help people handle them;
  • Dot Collector: used to allow people to express their thoughts and see others’ thoughts in real time;
  • Baseball Cards: data visualisation fo a person’s strengths and weakness;
  • Combinator: staff-job assignment based on staff profile;
  • Issue Log: recording of mistakes;
  • Pain Button: record emotions for later reflection;
  • Dispute Resolver: paths for resolving disagreements;
  • Daily Update: improve communication;
  • Contract Tool: make and monitor commitments;
  • Process Flow Diagram: visualisation of processes;

Some of the apps (e.g. Dot Collector and Issue Log) can be implemented on top of other online services (e.g. Google Docs) but others can not. Would be great to have free and open versions of those apps.

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