Chapada dos Veadeiros

At the end of August, I visit Chapada dos Veadeiros in Brazil and did the Sete Quedas walk.


We left Brasília around 5:30am and didn’t encounter any traffic on our way. We were also blessed with a great sun rise.

The journey from Brasília until Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park was around 3 hous long. And the landscape is amazing.

Day 1

All the walk is in the trail and you will find sings all the way. Is almost impossible to get lost.

Visitation to the national park is only possible during the dry season because when the river is not dry the walk is impossible.

Some rivers doesn’t get complitely dry and their water is cold, great combination for the walk on a very warm day.

The Sete Quedas walk is classified as moderate.

We arrived at the camping site around 4pm and could enjoy the river that isn’t deep.

The sunset is around 6pm and is something out of this world.


The camping is very simple and the only facility is the composting toilet.

The park authority request visitors to not make noise during the night to not disturb the wild life and all garbage must be take out with you.

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