Do not disturb

Work or contribute with a worldwide distributed team means that you will receive email and messages all day long. Two years ago, I changed the configuration of my email client (Gnome’s Evolution on my laptop and K-9 Mail on my Android mobile phone) to not automatically fetch emails so that the stream of new item on my inbox isn’t continuous to the point of disturb my life because I’m replying one of the items or waiting for the reply of another one.

When configuring my new phone, because of the problem with my previous one and a thing other things going on my life, I decided to apply the same configuration of my email client to all the other chat apps that I have on my phone.

What does this new configuration mean? It means that, if you message me on WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal/Skype/Messenger/Riot/Slack, I will only see your message the next time that I open the app that you used. If you want or need to have a reply sooner than later, call me.







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