R ❤️Python

Anna Krystalli invited me to talk a little bit about reticulate at the Sheffield R Users Group on July 3. From the description of the event

This month we’ve got special guest Raniere Silva visiting all the way from Manchester and we’ll focus the whole session on how R & Python can play nicely together. Whether you are an R developer that uses Python for some of your work or a member of data science team that uses both languages, reticulate can dramatically streamline your workflow!

We’ll kick off with a talk by Raniere in which he’ll discuss the basics of Python and R interoperability through package reticulate.

The rest of the session we leave open for YOUR examples of R ❤️ python workflows. Examples can be at any stage of development, even if (if not especially if) you are stuck on something. The idea is to get as broad a sample as possible of the many ways the two languages can interact and help out if we can.

All the content of my talk is available on GitLab.

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