On Monday, 25 June I attended the funeral celebrating the life of Peter Rankin, the father of a friend, at Preston Minster that you can see at the photo.

Peter was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2017 and passed away on Sunday 10 June following a six-month battle with a brain tumour. The tribute from the family, when my friend read William Shakespeare’s Peace Maker text, was, in the good sense, hard to describe. The eulogy, by Bishop David Chillingworth, and the tribute, by Councillor Brian Rollo, were inspiring.

The lovely words about Peter, my broken phone and Quantum Night, the book that I’m reading at the moment by Robert J. Sawyer, made me think about what we remember. Or, if you prefer, what we forget. And also, what people will remember/forget about us.

Sometimes we think that messages and photos on the phone are eternal until your phone is broken or stolen. And sometimes we think that because the messages and photos have a copy on the cloud they are eternal but like cloud they move futher from us and we never see them again. But at the end, we can only trust our brain to remember the important things in our life and hope that it will be eternal until we pass away.

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